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Let it Snow!!!!  Our Live-Cam is at

Click on the above Waldheim picture for live Snocam links.  

The Beginning
The Beginning

    The Waldheim is located in the small village of Germania Pennsylvania which is nestled in the hills of the Allegheny Mountains in North-Central Pennsylvania.  It is located in Potter County "Gods Country"  in an area  well known as the "Black Forest".  The Waldheim was built in the mid to late 1800's by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Theis who arrived in Germania in the year 1859.  The day they arrived in the village, the house in which they were to live in burned to the ground.  They soon overcame their hardship & ran a pharmacy & general store out of their new home (a beautiful home which still stands today), until they built a large building across the street which is now known as the Waldheim.  The rest is history!    

Yes!  We are still open and going strong!  Heard a few rumors that I have "shut my doors" and "the place burnt down" and I "have all my equipment up for sale"  Gotta laugh!  These rumors were probably started by my competitors.  Jealousy is a terrible thing.....

The Waldheim Today
The Waldheim Today

This Historical Landmark, in the Heart of Germania,  was established as a Bar & Restaurant in 1945.  It was closed down in 1998 by the last  owners, much to the dismay of many.  We reopened The Waldheim in March of 2013.   We have great food,and a large selection of beer and liquor.  We are directly on the Snowmobile Trails and this year the Townships opened up to ATV's.  As well, it's a great area to hunt and fish.  Thank you to all of my loyal patrons and we are always happy to new faces as well!

Let it snow!
Let it snow!

As you can tell by this picture this area is great for snowmobiling.  Found this one on the internet & would seriously love to have more pics of this place!  You can e-mail photos to


Waldheim Bar & Restaurant Inc
1386 Germania Rd
Galeton, Pa 19622
Phone: 814-435-6600 Email:

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