John Gross sent this and thinks it is from the 1930's.  Thanks John!  What character this old building had!  I love it with the bay units sticking out with the windows on all 3 sides and no foyer!!  However, being practical, if we would remove the foyer, it would be chilly inside when the doors are opened & it is cold and windy & snowy outside!!  How sad that the 2nd floor burnt up (in the 1970's?)  but how truely amazing that they were able to save the original curved dormers!

This old sign has been taken down and repainted with loving hands by my good friend Mary Jones.  What patience she must have!  The letters in Waldheim were about to fall off but were able to be salvaged.  I am extremely happy this old hand made sign was able to be restored.  Does anyone know who made this sign? 

A "Before" Pic of behind the Bar....Eauw!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe we had the balls to buy this place?  Clorox Cleanup is awesome!  Wait until you see it now! 

Sadly, this old Island could not be saved but the new one was built by our dear friend Jack and was designed after this one.  Guess you'll have to come visit us to see it....  Ignore the date on the picture as I am too lazy to read the instructions as to how to fix the date on my camera.  This was taken around April 2012.

Couldn't get a full view of the kitchen as it is not very big.  Had to scrub the old floor before we started working in there (even though it was getting torn out) cuz my flip-flop stuck to it when I tried to walk on it!  Ha Ha..... (Wasn't funny at the time, where the heck was I supposed to go?!)  Anyways.. the kitchen was completely torn out and is in the process of being completely re-done

Our "Professional" Roofers, Korey & Bobbi ....  How can we describe such great friends!   We love you!  Get your butts back up here pronto  

Zoomed in on this from a back window of the Waldheim